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This standard lift costs $3,245, plus shipping. The total price varies depending on the options and features you choose. Increased height and additional options impact cost. Give us a call at 757-982-3665 in order to get a detailed quote, including shipping, for your consideration.

Shipping costs vary depending on your location. See the Shipping section below.

Before You Order

Five steps for Success: Do the following before you place your order and be ready to communicate this information.

  1. Measure the “rise” that you need the lift to provide. The standard lift rises 24″, but can easily be customized to be much higher.
  2. Measure the space available for the lift. All of our lift dimensions can be customized, but the standard lift footprint is 42″ deep and 52″ wide. The standard gates are 36″ long and will need space to swing open. The gate opening is 34″ wide. The lift is 75″ tall.
  3. How large do you need your lift’s platform to be? The standard size is fine for most people, but if you have special needs or a front gate, you might want the platform to be a different size. To answer this question, you might choose a corner of a room and, using your platform dimensions, lay out painter’s tape on the floor. Place some chairs on the tape to act like walls or gates. Using your wheelchair or walker, see if the enclosed space is large enough for your needs. If not, simply tell us how large to make your platform so that it works best for you.
  4. Decide if the standard lift configuration (described here) is what you want. If not, be ready to tell us what you do want.
  5. Decide if you want the optional ramp and the optional Wheel Kit.

Think carefully through where the lift will sit, what it will take to get the lift to that location, and what must be done to prepare that area, including the landing area. Remember – even though the standard lift is 75″ tall, if it is pre-assembled, you can tilt it back like a dolly when moving it through garage doors. If it is not pre-assembled, you can carry it to any location piece by piece.

Sample Order Confirmation

You can call us and ask for a Sample Order Confirmation. This is an email that reflects your potential order and contains all of the important information about what you want, including your lift’s height, options, and shipping costs. You can look over your Sample Order Confirmation, tweak it, and then submit it as an actual order.

Here are two Sample Order Confirmations for you to look over to get some idea of the questions we will ask. The first is for a standard free-standing 24″ lift and the second is for a wall mounted 120″ lift. Note that the prices in these samples may not be current. Please call for current prices.


Affordable Lifts are available via freight carrier or pickup at our Lynchburg, VA facility. The shipping weight is around 475 lbs. for a standard lift. The lift can come fully or partially assembled. When packaged for shipping on its pallet, it is 48″ x 60″ x up to 90″. Most shipments will include the lift column encased in ribbed tubing.

Shipping varies depending on the your location and is available throughout the USA and internationally. Shipping to a business location with a loading dock or forklift is usually cheaper than shipping to a residence.

If you live within driving distance of our manufacturing facility in Lynchburg, Virginia, you can save on your shipping costs by opting for Customer Pick Up. You can transport the lift yourself using a pickup truck with a trailer, but you’ll need a couple of strong people or some equipment to pick it up and load it into the truck bed. A utility trailer with a ramp works best.