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Lynchburg, Virginia 24502
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Common Customizations

Want to know how we can make a lift specific to your unique situation? Here are some of our more common customizations, but if you need something beyond what is listed, please ask us via the Contact Us page or give us a call at 757-982-3665 and we will see what we can do to accommodate your needs.


  • Increased weight capacity
  • Generous intervals of platforms sizes, customizable down to the inch
  • Different entry ramp sizes
  • Custom colors from a broad palette (see below)
  • Galvanizing options to protect from rust in salty environments
  • Back Up Power Supply for uninterrupted usage during power outages
  • Wireless controls
  • Mesh or solid walls that can either be half height or full height
  • Solid flooring instead of our standard mesh floor
  • Variety of different gating configurations
  • Wheel kit to make it easier to move short lifts, when needed
  • Canopy frame to shield lift users from rain or sun
  • Different bracing options for bracing the top of taller lifts
  • And more!

Custom Colors

Custom colors are available. Remember that some colors show dirt and scuff marks easily.

Color palette of some of our custom color options for lifts.

The above colors have a Gloss finish unless otherwise indicated.

Gloss Black is the default color and is included in the base price. The colors in the palate above are available for a $300 or $325 upgrade fee, depending on the color chosen. Other colors will require a special quote and depend on availability.