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Reselling my used lift

No Longer Need Your Lift?

If you no longer need your Affordable Lift and you would like help selling it, Affordable Lifts has a Used Lift Program that can help! This program seeks to connect sellers, like you, with people seeking to buy a used lift. We come across many people who need a lift faster than we can make it or are specifically looking for a used lift. When interested people reach out to us for used lifts, we put them in contact with sellers in our Used Lift Program, so that they can discuss the lift and the price. As the seller, you have complete control over who you sell your lift to and at what price. We are not a party to the sale, only a facilitator.  When you sell your lift to a buyer Affordable Lifts referred to you, there is a finder's fee of 15% of the selling price. And if you sell your lift independent of our program you owe us nothing.

Through the Used Lift program, used lift sellers are able to get back, on average, almost 75% of the lift's original price, which makes an Affordable Lift a great investment!

If you have an Affordable Lift you wish to sell through our Used Lift Program, or if you want to know what used Affordable Lifts are on the market, please contact us for more details. We will be happy to help you with your situation.

Want to see what used lifts are currently available? Click here.