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Want to know what people think of our product? Read below and learn how an Affordable Lift can change a life!

The lift is all set up and in the house. Mrs. Carter used it today and went outside all by herself and her adult children were so tickled, they couldn’t believe she was outside, first time in months she’s done this on her own. Thank you so very much.” ~ Conley and Paula in VA

The lift we purchased for my daddy arrived yesterday and we tried it out with dad today! Its saves so much space in our new garage and works beautifully!! Thank you so much for this awesome lift!!…We have named her the SS Freedom!” ~ Nichaleen in MI

We are so pleased with our lift! My husband was able to roll himself on the lift and get inside the house without any assistance. This is going to make things so much easier. Thank you!” ~ Ginny in PA

My church helps people with accessibility challenges. We build wheelchair ramps and help in other ways. Ramps require a lot of time and materials to install and are costly and not easily reused. Often times a person only needs a ramp for a short period of time, such as hip or knee surgery, etc. The lift is installed only for the time they need it and then we use it for someone else.  Last year we purchased two Affordable Lifts because we thought they’d be easier to install and be more reusable than ramps. They have worked out well and we are looking to purchase a third one so that we can help more people.” ~ Elwood in NC

"Dad used the lift today. All went well. It was so good to see him out. He has not been out of the house in 3 months except for dr. appts. He went out in his golf cart and said it was so good to be out and feel the wind in his face. Being able to get back out is a real morale booster for him and good for his health. It really makes a difference for him. Thank you so much." ~ Debra in CA

"We purchased an Affordable Lift last summer and it is one of the best investments we’ve ever made. My father is unable to manage stairs so getting him in/out of the house was downright dangerous. This lift makes it safe and easy to get him to his appts without worrying about the stairs, elements, etc. Thank you so much!!" ~ Amanda in NH

"We have had our lift for a little over a year. My father says this was the best investment to the new addition built for my parents onto my house." ~ Michelle in NY

"The wheelchair young man was so happy to be able to get in the lift in his wheelchair and raised himself up to the deck and rolled out on the deck. He was so HAPPY! ... I am very impressed with this lift and how it is constructed. It was a huge plus to not only have instructions and pictures on your website but links to You Tube videos to actually show how to assemble the lift. Thank you for helping me with this process. ... I feel so blessed that the lift was delivered on schedule, everything was there and assembly was at least as easy as advertised." Jerry in TN

"Best thing we did to help my mother’s mobility when she could no longer navigate the 6 steps up to the house. We love our lift!!" Linda in IN