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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    While cancelling an Affordable Lift order is rare, a common reason is, sadly, a significant deterioration in the health of the intended user to the point where the lift is no longer needed.

    When you place your order, we immediately process your payment and schedule your unit for production. We allocate materials. We then cut the metal, weld the components, paint, assemble, test, and adjust. Finally, we prepare it for shipping.

    If you cancel after placing your order, you will receive a refund of your purchase price minus a processing fee of 20% of the lift price. The shipping amount can be refunded to you and is not included in the 20% processing fee calculation. If you have questions about your refund amount for clarification, please reach out to your salesman.

    Once an Affordable Lift has been shipped from our manufacturing facility, the order cannot be cancelled.

  • What can I do when I no longer need my lift? Can I sell/buy a used lift?

    While we do not sell used lifts, we assist lift owners in marketing their used lift by getting it on our social media and email blasts. There are several factors that will determine someone’s interest in purchasing a used lift, such as location, condition, urgency, features, ability to ship and price. Used lifts generally sell quickly. Contact UsedLifts@AffordableLifts.com for more information.

    If you are interested in purchasing a used Affordable Lift, please call us at 757-982-3665. Let us know what you are looking for and where you live. We will search our database and let you know what lifts are for sale in your area. We will also notify you when a used lift comes on the market that might meet your criteria, and provide you a quote on a new lift at no cost or obligation.

  • What are factory expedite and factory rush orders?

    A limited number of factory expedite and factory rush slots are planned into our manufacturing schedule. For an additional fee, we can place a factory expedite or factory rush on your order. This will hasten production of your lift in our manufacturing facility. Note that this is not expedited or rushed shipping. If you expedite or rush factory production of your order, your lift will leave our facility sooner, but the time it takes to ship will not change.

    A factory rush makes your order a top priority ahead of others, while a factory expedite moves it ahead of standard production.

    If you would like to discuss delivery time frames for expedite or rush production of your lift, please ask your salesman to see what options are available.

  • We realize that paying for a lift is often difficult, despite the fact that Affordable Lifts are less expensive than most. While we do not offer financial assistance directly to customers, we have compiled a list of resources where you can begin your research on options for financial assistance. Visit our Financial Assistance page by clicking the bolded question above for a non-comprehensive list of different organizations and places that you may want to look into for assistance.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept debit and credit cards, electronic checks, paper checks, and domestic wire transfers over $1000. Please note that electronic and paper checks are subject to a processing period of five business days upon receipt of payment.

  • Does Affordable Lifts install the product?

    While we do not offer installation, we have engineered these lifts to be easily assembled and installed. Installation time ranges from from 30 minutes to several hours, depending on your lift. We also have a list of independent handymen who are interested in installing your lift.

    Click to find assembly instructions and other helpful guides.

    Most customers either install their lift themselves, or hire a local handyman to install it for them.

  • Do these lifts require bracing?

    Lifts that will go as high as 48" or less can be considered a free standing lift and bracing is not required. If you would prefer to brace a free standing lift, you may choose to do so. Ask your salesman about the bracing options we offer.

    Lifts that will go higher than 48" are required to be braced against a weight bearing structure. Ask your salesman about the bracing options we offer. Proper bracing of your lift is critical to safely using your lift. If you are unsure of the security of your lift bracing, we suggest you immediately seek out the advice of a trustworthy engineer or person experienced with construction to verify that your lift is safely braced. Do not use the lift if you think the bracing may be compromised.

  • Do you offer a warranty?

    Each new Affordable Lift comes with a warranty. Warranty will cover parts for a year from the ship date of your lift and labor for 3 months from the ship date of your lift. Warranty covers normal wear and tear, except paint scratches (but we give you a can of complementary paint that can cover any scratches).

    Warranty will not cover damage or wear and tear from improper use or abuse of the lift. Please abide by any warnings you see on your lift and in the manual, as opening some parts of your lift will void the warranty.

    Warranties will not transfer to people who buy a lift from you, even if the expiration date has not passed. Affordable Lifts does not warranty used lifts.

  • The serial number of your Affordable Lift can be found on the safety guard sticker or on the collar of your lift. For a helpful diagram of these locations, please click on "Where can I find my Affordable Lift serial number" above.